Nina’s Way at Kivi Park is Open for Family Skating
Nina's Way Kivi Park Grandchildren

All of Nina’s grandchildren gathered with their parents and friends to help open the new skating path at Kivi Park that was named Nina’s Way in her honour.

A new 1.3 km skating path is now open at Kivi Park giving everyone yet another reason to visit.

Nina Grossi’s family and friends were on hand along with Mayor Brian Bigger and Ward 9 Councillor Deb McIntosh, who with Kivi Park Leader Melissa Sheridan, cut the ribbon officially opening the new skating path honouring a wife, mother and grandmother. Her family decided to donate the funds necessary to create a skating path at Kivi Park for everyone to enjoy and it was named “Nina’s Way” in her honour.

Nina's Way Kivi Park Melissa

Mayor Brian Bigger, Ward 9 Councillor Deb McIntosh were welcomed by Melissa Sheridan, Kivi Park Leader to the ribbon cutting at Nina’s Way.

Once the ribbon was cut, Nina’s grandchildren took off to skate the trail followed by other family members and friends. The trail is impressive with loops and straight stretches and a few gentle rises to make it even more fun and even challenging depending on your speed.

You can watch the video below to see Nina’s grandchildren take the inaugural skate on Nina’s Way and get a glimpse of the skating path that you and your family can enjoy.

Dean Dixon Construction was out day and night with a host of volunteers who battled with all the snow we’ve been getting lately to construct the trail and get the layers of ice down on the skating path. Nina’s Way is a 1.3 km loop that winds through the trees at Kivi Park and is wide enough that you can skate side by side with friends. The entrance to Nina’s Way is located a short distance from the Kivi Park warming station and Adventure 365’s snowshoe/ski/fat bike rental location. There is plenty of parking. For now, Nina’s Way is open until around sunset but plans are in the works to add lighting to the trail so families can enjoy skating in the evening next winter.

Nina's Way Kivi Park Skate

Change into your skates and store your boots at the entrance to Nina’s Way which, as you can see,  is very close to the main entrance of Kivi Park.

There are benches at the entrance to change into your skates and shelves available to store your boots. A warming station is close by if you’re getting cold but aren’t ready to stop skating for the day. Don’t forget, you can host birthday parties at Kivi Park and skating on Nina’s Way is one more great activity kids and adults of all ages can enjoy at Kivi Park.

The path is open everyday. Please check the Kivi Park Facebook page for ice conditions, especially after inclement weather. Helmets are encouraged for all ages. There are clearly marked signs showing the direction to take on Nina’s Way to avoid any collisions happening and please adhere to the rules posted at the entrance for everyone’s safety. So grab your skates and come out to Kivi Park for a skate around Nina’s Way.

Nina's Way Kivi Park Melissa

Bob Hanson took his first skate on Nina’s Way on his canal blades. He says these blades are perfect for skating on Nina’s Way and he should know as he has been clocked at up to 40km/hour skating on Long Lake. Bob helped design the ski trails at Kivi Park and is there most mornings at 5 a.m as a volunteer grooming the fantastic ski trails at Kivi Park.

For information on Nina’s Way and Kivi Park please visit the website and Facebook page.

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