Checkmate: Rainbow Schools Students Take Part in Elementary Chess Tournament
Rainbow Schools Chess Tournament kids playing in gym

Some 75 students from Rainbows Schools participated in a board-wide chess tournament on May 16, 2018. Students in Grades 4 to 8 gathered in the gym at Princess Anne Public School to showcase their chess skills in the day-long round-robin tournament.

Some 75 students from Algonquin Road Public School, Churchill Public School, Levack Public School, MacLeod Public School, Princess Anne Public School and Queen Elizabeth II Public School participated in a board-wide elementary chess tournament on May 16, 2018.

Students in Grades 4 to 8 gathered in the gym at Princess Anne Public School to showcase their chess skills in the round-robin tournament. Each participant played five games before the final rounds. Winners went on to the quarter, semi and final matches.

The concept for the tournament started last year when teacher Fiona Ferguson decided to organize a chess club at the school. “We have many students who are proficient at the game and thought it would be a great idea,” she said. “We were in touch with colleagues at other schools and encouraged them to do the same.”

She added: “Hosting a chess tournament was the perfect way to motivate and challenge students to practice and hone their skills.”

Chess provides students with a variety of benefits including the opportunity to build on analytical, strategic and concentration skills. Chess also improves mental health, logic, patience, creativity, memory, self-confidence and teamwork.

“This is the first time we’ve attempted to host a chess tournament,” said Princess Anne Public School Principal Danielle Williamson. “It was great to see everyone come together in the spirit of friendly competition.”

She added: “A special congratulations goes out to all winners. Keep up the great work.”

Rainbow Schools Chess Tournament 2

Rainbow elementary students joined together for a board-wide chess tournament at Princess Anne Public School on May 16, 2018. Participating are, top row, from left, Blaze Cucksey and Emmett Dumais of Princess Anne Public School and bottom row, from left, Aven Moggy and Simone Fillion of Levack Public School.

The winners of the chess tournament were:

Intermediate Level Winner
Jacob Sharkey
Grade 8
Princess Anne Public School

Intermediate Runner-Up
Jacob Bolton
Grade 8
MacLeod Public School

Junior Winner
Charles Schwendener
Grade 6
Princess Anne Public School

Junior Runner-Up
Adam Ramoul
Grade 5
Algonquin Road Public School

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