Mrs. Lily Fielding Celebrates Legacy of Hope with the Northern Cancer Foundation
Mrs. Fielding and group NCF Kivi Park

The Northern Cancer Foundation team celebrates Mrs. Fielding’s support of the foundation as the largest single donor in their history. With Mrs Fielding are Lorraine Wilkinson (left) Maureen Lacroix, Jason Perdue, Tannys Laughren and Elizabeth Schweyer.

Friends and family of Mrs. Lily Fielding gathered at Fielding Memorial Park Monday afternoon to acknowledge and celebrate her legacy of giving to the Northern Cancer Foundation. Since 2004, Mrs. Fielding has given over $1.6 million to the Northeast Cancer Centre, making her the single largest donor in its history.

Jason Perdue, Mrs. Fielding’s eldest great-grandson spoke about the many lessons that he has learned from his grandmother and how he now tries to emulate those experiences in his own life.

“When I think of my great grandma, I see a woman of incredible strength and courage. I see a person who takes any adversity, and turns it into a life lesson and an opportunity to create change,” he said. After losing her daughter, her son and her oldest grandchild to cancer, she perservered. “One thing that’s always stood out to me, is that grandma has told me many times that this community has graciously given our family so much, which is why it’s so important to her to give back.”

Maureen Lacroix, former chair of the Northern Cancer Foundation Board of Directors remembered first meeting Mrs. Fielding 14 years ago and being impressed with her passion and dedication for community fundraising at the grassroots level.

Looking back to 2004, a lot has changed at the Northeast Cancer Centre. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments have become more efficient and more effective, research has taken a leap forward and has become more advanced. Mrs. Fielding’s donations have been at the root of that – they laid the groundwork for the Northern Cancer Foundation to keep pace and advance alongside cancer care.

“Mrs. Fielding has created a legacy of hope in our city,” says Tannys Laughren, Executive Director of the Northern Cancer Foundation, “her support of the Northeast Cancer Centre over the last 14 years has been so kind and so generous. Her philanthropy inspires us to take her values forward in the work we do. We look up to her as I’m sure all of our community does.”


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