Sudbury’s First Parking Lot

First Parking LotOn Monday, April 15, 1957, the City of Sudbury opened its first, paid parking lot. The lot could accommodate 40 cars at a rate of 15 cents per car per hour.

You can see the old Fire Hall bell tower on Elgin Street on the right of the photo, the Grand Hotel is behind it. On the left of the photo is Christ the King Church. Remember, at the time Nolin Creek still ran through the area (you can see the bridge over the creek on Elgin Street on the right). It wasn’t until 1964 that a culvert was built and it was covered up. The photo was taken in front of St. Joseph’s Hospital now Red Oak Villa.

In 1890 Sudburians paid .15 cents for a barrel of water - water cost the average family $9/ year.
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In 1911, Elm Street became the first paved street in Sudbury.

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