New Exhibition at the GNO: Portraits

GNO PortraitsThe GNO (Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario) is inviting the community to its new exhibition, Portraits, by artists Aurélien Muller and Natalie Rivet. The exhibition runs from February 16th to March 29th. An opening reception will be held at the GNO on Friday, February 16th at 5 p.m.

Portraits is a multidisciplinary exhibition that addresses the way we perceive an image depending on the medium that transmits it. The image is consumed differently according to the context in which it is presented. This affects the opinion we have of it, and even the value we give it.

In Muller and Rivet’s exhibition, handmade albums are set next to paintings, televisions and screens so the visitor can experience a sense of progression as they explore the gallery. With the multiplication of techniques, which range from drawing to painting to digital photography, the artists explore the multiple ways in which we represent ourselves, and expose the inherent act of staging that occurs with every portrait.

So works the memory: it sorts and modifies what we remember according to the emotions evoked by our past. Family pictures freeze memories and transform them into a snapshot, but leave in the shadows the real story of that family, a story that must be rebuilt according to each one’s own subjective view.

Natalie Rivet’s work begins with family pictures. She crystalized her approach while visiting her then-ill grandmother, who had experienced strong reactions to Rivet’s work, in which she would recognize familiar scenes.

“Some of the works are more abstract in their aesthetic, which blurred certain family stories, but my grandmother would still manage to recognize the images, and she would try to understand why she did. This allowed me to converse with my grandmother through images”, adds Rivet.

For Aurélien Muller, to represent oneself is to define oneself. He integrates himself into his community by taking portraits of his neighbors, which allows him to get to know them. With his work, he tries to make visible the gigantic amount of data that defines us – physiological, sociological or created by information technology – and to illuminate the connections between us.

“By working on deconstructing the way we look at ourselves, I hope to appeal to the viewers and to learn a little bit more about who we are,” he concludes.


Aurélien Muller’s work combines analog and digital photography. He explores the representation of identity and ideology through an approach akin to documentary research. He also aims to uncover the historical relationships between human beings and photography. Muller has showcased his work, in solo or group exhibitions, in Canada and in Europe. He took part in the fourth Foire d’arts alternatifs de Sudbury (FAAS) in 2014.

Natalie Rivet is an emerging French-Canadian visual artist from Ottawa, Ontario. She holds a BFA from the University of Ottawa, and a Fine Arts Certificate from Algonquin College. She received the Gunter Nolte Commemorative Bursary for excellence in drawing in 2017. Rivet’s works are part of several private collections in Sudbury and abroad. She continues to live and practice in Ottawa.


The Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (GNO), is an artist-run centre that brings together francophone visual artists working in contemporary art in Ontario. Gallery hours are from Tuesday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. during exhibits. Admission is free. GNO is located at 174 Elgin Street. For more information please call 705-673-4927 or visit their website and Facebook page.

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