Latitude 46 Publishing Celebrates Fall Releases

Latitude 46 Publishing will celebrate the release of five books this fall with a public launch 7 p.m. Thursday September, 28 at Natura Events, next to Verdicchio Ristorante | Enoteca. Admission is free. Cash Bar.

Following the success of its first full year of programming featuring a strong lineup of all female writers and national attention, the literary press continues to focus on the authors and stories that shape the experience, culture and history of Northern Ontario.

This fall, the Sudbury-based literary press will publish the works of award-winning playwright and theatre director Rod Carley (North Bay), poet Roger Nash (Sudbury), teacher Liisa Kovala (Sudbury) and tour guide Hap Wilson (Rosseau). Latitude 46 Publishing will also print a second edition of Suzanne Charron’s biography Wolf Man Joe LaFlamme: Tamer Untamed (originally published by Scrivener Press).

A Matter of Will by Rod Carley – Fiction

Latitude 46 A Matter of WillSynopsis: Will Crosswell’s decision to pursue acting shattered his father’s dream of him being a useful adult. When we first meet the young Will he is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. But in the ensuing years, from relationships to the theatre, his life has become one shipwreck after another. Dumped by his fiancée and desperate to pay the rent, he finds himself taking a job on the bottom rung of the Great Chain of Being – a telemarketer. The satire becomes serious when Will hits rock bottom. After a life-altering AA encounter with an unconventional minister, Will enrolls in divinity school and has to survive his most challenging escapade yet – a forty day fast in a Newfoundland outport in the middle of the frozen winter. As he struggles to keep from freezing and starving to death, he is confronted by a series of strange events, not the least of which is an encounter with Billy Blight, a bigger-than-life Newfoundlander headed for perdition. Funny, surprising, outrageous, and moving, A Matter of Will is the tale of a middle-age maybe minister and his journey to find a mighty purpose.

Author: Rod Carley is the Artistic Director of Canadore College’s Acting for Stage and Screen Program in North Bay and a part-time English professor at Nipissing University. He is also an award- winning director, playwright and actor, having directed and produced over 100 theatrical productions to date including fifteen adaptations of Shakespeare. Recent acting credits include principal roles on Cardinal and Hard Rock Medical.  He was the 2009 winner of TVO’s Big Ideas/Best Lecturer competition. A Matter of Will is his first novel.

Praise: “In this fable-like tale, author Rod Carley proves that he has a deft touch with story and character. A Matter of Will takes the reader on a journey that is pure Canadian and thoroughly enjoyable.” – Norm Foster, Canada’s most produced playwright

Surviving Stutthof: My father’s memories behind the Death Gate by Liisa Kovala – Non-Fiction

Latitude 46 Surviving StutthofSynopsis: As the first Russian bombs drop on Oulu, Finland in early 1940 during the Winter War, Aarne Kovala is a young boy with a great love of the sea. While the war rages, Aarne takes fate into his own hands and joins the Finnish merchant marines. He spends his days delivering war materials between Finland, Poland, and Germany. But when Finland’s ties with Germany are severed after the signing of the Moscow Armistice in 1944, Aarne and his fellow sailors are arrested by the Nazis and sent by cattle car to the infamous Stutthof concentration camp deep in the Polish forest. Surviving Stutthof is a tale of survival, hope, and ultimately the triumph of the human spirit.

Author: Liisa Kovala is a Finnish-Canadian teacher and writer. Her short stories have appeared in Sudbury Ink, Creepy Capreol, Jr., Along the 46th, Kippis! Literary Journal and other publications. Her creative non-fiction pieces have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas in Canada, Canadian Teacher Magazine and Sudbury Living. Liisa studied creative writing at the University of Toronto and is currently working on a novel.

Praise: “Read this. It will make you a better person.”-Marina Nemat, author of Prisoner of Tehran, After Tehran

Whazzat? by Roger Nash – Poetry

Latitude 46 Whazzat?Synopsis: Whazzat? explores how poetry invites us to look at things differently, with a sense of surprise, a whazzat. It looks at paradoxes we meet in life, and ways of resolving them through shifts of perspective. Poems cluster in four sections around paradoxes in different parts of our lives. Can we square the sheer unpredictability of events – especially with climate change – with our recurring need for certainty? Can we revitalize downtown cores without losing a sense of our past? In our personal lives, can we see unavoidable paradoxes as “gifts” that heighten our sense of wonder, rather than threatening to divide us in two? Is there a “now” we can live in, or do we inevitably live in our pasts and imagined futures? A number of poems have been previously published in literary magazines and anthologies across Canada, the U.K. and the U.S.A. This collection draws them together.

Author: Roger Nash is a past-President of the League of Canadian Poets, and inaugural Poet Laureate of Sudbury. As President of the League, he worked with Senator Jerry Grafstein to create the Parliamentary Canadian Poet Laureate position in Ottawa. He’s published nineteen books of poetry, short fiction and philosophy. Literary awards include: the Canadian Jewish Book Award for Poetry, the PEN/O.Henry Prize Story Award, the Confederation Poets Award (twice), and first prizes in poetry contests with Prism international and The Fiddlehead.

Advance Praise: “Roger Nash is a natural philosopher (naturally) of the natural beauty, wit, and charm of nature. In poems that are both insightful and delightful, playful yet acutely aware of the world in which his poet’s eye deciphers the intricacy of life, Nash gives us a collection that is not only worth reading but worthy of the delight he engenders with every poem and every line.” – Bruce Meyer, poet laureate, Barrie, Ont.

River of Fire: Conflict and Survival Along the Seal River by Hap Wilson – Non-Fiction

Latitude 46 River of FireSynopsis: New York’s Men’s Journal Magazine hired a studio photographer from Brooklyn, a post-master/writer from Thermond West Virginia and two Canadian river guides to paddle one of the country’s most dangerous whitewater rivers – the Seal in northern Manitoba, for the purpose of publishing the quintessential Canadian adventure story. Add to this unlikely melange of characters, the possibility of capsizing in freezing water, the threat of polar bears, a midnight sail down Hudson Bay and Manitoba’s worst boreal wild fire, this chronicle will carry the reader to the extreme edge of exploration.

Author: Hap Wilson is an award winning-artist, author, photographer, guide, environmentalist, cartographer and eco trail builder living in Rosseau, Ont. His writing has appeared in Canadian Geographic, Explore and Canoe & Kayak. He has published a dozen nature and geography related books. His book Voyages-Canada’s Heritage Rivers won the Natural Resources Council of America Award for best environmental book and the Bill Mason Award for lifetime achievement in River Conservation. Wilson, along with his wife Andrea, operate the Cabin Falls EcoLodge in Temagami, Ont.

Praise: “In River of Fire, Wilson captures the power, humour, adventure and intrigue…. the very essence of adventure on a northern river. Now, more than ever, society needs to re-awaken to the life-changing and profound experience that is time and travel in the natural and still wild world. In a manner of storytelling worthy of Aldo Leopold and John Muir, Hap Wilson’s River of Fire will indeed light your soul on fire and into a yearning for still possible wilderness adventure.” – Les Stroud aka Survivorman

Wolf Man Joe LaFlamme: Tamer Untamed By Suzanne Charron – Biography

Latitude 46 Wolf Man Joe LaFlammeSynopsis: Northern Ontario legend Joe “Wolf Man” LaFlamme captivated a nation with his wild and eccentric lifestyle, taming wolves.

Nothing could stop this burly bushman and his outlandish ideas. He was a celebrity adored by the media particularly when his moose accompanied him to ABC Radio’s studio in Manhattan.  Not only did Joe LaFlamme tempt fate by trying to tame wild animals, a feat he even realized was impossible, but he was a man driven by passion and ingenuity.

LaFlamme’s biographer, Suzanne F. Charron, has done extensive research to bring his story to life and establish the Wolf Man in the canon of Canadian legends. Supported by a selection of 46 rare and remarkable photos and updated with a new introduction, Suzanne goes behind the legend to reveal a remarkable character who challenged convention and established himself as a true Canadian adventurer.

Author: Born and raised in Sturgeon Falls, in Northern Ontario, Suzanne holds a bachelor of arts degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal (2005), majoring in language sciences with a minor in history. She has over fifteen years of experience in the field of communications. She has also worked across Northeastern Ontario in administration, journalism, and as a qualified teacher.

Praise: “Seventy years ago, at age four, I met Joe LaFlamme and his pet moose at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1947. The National Film Board was making a film about the re-opening of “The Ex” after the war, and I was chosen to play a lost little boy. I still remember the smell of the moose’s fur hide, and Joe’s biblical appearance with white hair and beard. He was a genuine Canadian eccentric!” – Charles Pachter, Canadian artist and historian

All five titles will be released in Sudbury, with additional events scheduled across Ontario.

Books will be available for sale at the launch and then select retailers across North America, and online through Latitude 46 Publishing, Chapters/Indigo and Amazon.

For more information about Latitude 46 Publishing please visit their website and Facebook page.

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