The Case of the Missing Mayor – Presented by CKLU

Murray C. Biggar CKLU 96.7The Case of the Missing Mayor is an intriguing story of Sudbury’s 3rd Mayor Murray C Biggar, 1895 which will take place at Theatre Cambrian on October 29, 2017.

Did he drown in Lake Ramsey? Was he murdered? Did he fake his own death and leave town?

Many parts of the puzzle are still missing concerning why Murray C. Biggar, Mayor of Sudbury in 1895, suddenly disappeared from his office on the night of September 14, 1897.

He had told his wife Etta that he would check his mail and be right home. He was never seen again.

A skiff and oars were discovered on Lake Ramsey the following day with a portion of a Biggar-addressed telegram in the boat.  Had he tried to row to a small island to meet his law clerk John McPhail and drowned?  Constable Gagne, Sudbury’s first town constable, dynamited Lake Ramsey but the body never surfaced.

What is the real story of what happened to Mayor M.C. Biggar?

CKLU Radio’s stage play, The Max Silverman Radio Hour presents The Case of the Missing Mayor, explores Sudbury history set in 1948 with flashbacks to 1895.  Narrated by the Sudbury Star’s J.R. Meakes (Peter  Williams)  who discovers the 1895 Sudbury Journal article, and performed by over a dozen local Sudburians, the play is an intriguing combination of fact and fiction.

Playing 1948 Max Silverman on stage at the Sudbury Theatre Centre in this comic historical drama is current Mayor Brian Bigger while the 1895 Mayor Biggar is played by playwright/novelist Matthew Heiti.  School marm Lucy Loose is played by Councillor Deb McIntosh with  Constable Gagne  by Former Police Chief Alex McCauley. The cast includes Dr. Terrance Galvin, founding director of the McEwen School of Architecture, CBC Radio’s Peter Williams, GNO’s Daniel Aubin, former councillor Janet Gasparini, poet/writer Roger Nash,’s Mark Gentili, francophone actor/director Miriam Cusson, actor/comic Bill Sanders, Executive Director of Northern Cancer Foundation Tannys Laughren. Music and singing commercials feature Ralph McIntosh, Kelly Perras and K.C. Rautiainen.

With a tip of the hat to beloved story-teller Stuart McLean, CKLU presents a radio drama as a stage play.  Part history, part fiction and totally entertaining, The Case of the Missing Mayor is October 29 at 2 pm at the Sudbury Theatre Centre. Get your tickets early.

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