Raining Poetry Project

Red Umbrella on pavement - Raining poetry projectGreater Sudbury’s Poet Laureate, Kim Fahner, with the support of the Greater Sudbury Public Library and Downtown Sudbury, has organized a great “poetic graffiti” project that everyone can enter.

All you have to do is create a poem that is 140 characters or less in length and submit it here. Poems will be tweeted and will be posted online in a special issue of terra north/nord.

Each person can submit up to 3 poems. Between five and ten poems will be chosen from all submissions received by July 31st which is the deadline to submit your poem(s). Poems chosen will be reproduced on pavement around the city with a special ink that will magically reveal the poem only when it rains.

You can get read more about the Raining Poet Project on Greater Sudbury Public Library’s website here.

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