Mrs. Lily Fielding’s Canada Day Promise for Kivi Park
Canada 150 Kivi Park seedlings

So far, with the help of so many people in our community over 12,000 trees have been planted at Kivi Park.

To commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday, Lily Fielding has promised to plant 150,000 trees over the next decade at Kivi Park. “As we reflect on our nation’s sesquicentennial and where we’ve come from, we must also reflect on where we need to go by creating a legacy for future generations,” said Mrs. Fielding. So she is issuing a challenge to businesses and organizations to follow in her footsteps to help restore Greater Sudbury’s landscape by regreening and tree planting.

Kivi Park Leader Melissa Sheridan said so far this year volunteers have planted more than 12,000 seedlings on the property, plus more than 30 mature trees in the main parking lot. “At Kivi Park we have gone to great lengths to restore the surrounding landscape,’ said Melissa Sheridan, Kivi Park Leader. “We have worked with the City of Greater Sudbury and have planted more than 200 trays of vegetation at the park. And we are in the process of establishing a pollinator garden.”

Kivi Park held a monumental one-day tree planting event in May where close to 1,000 volunteers planted more than 10,000 trees and thanks to Conservation Sudbury’s tree planting program, an addition 2,200 seedlings were planted at Kivi Park.

“We are looking forward to this new partnership with Kivi Park as it will add to the number of trees that we can plant each year in addition to the private landowner sites,” said Hajnal Broz, Planting Delivery Agent at Conservation Sudbury.

“You know what I love about Mrs. Lily Fielding? It’s not about her, it’s never about her,” said Deb McIntosh, Ward 9 City Councillor, City of Greater Sudbury. “She is making these contributions to our community that we can enjoy now but more importantly can be enjoyed by future generations. Planting a tree is a gift to the future. Planting 150,000 trees is an endowment for the future. Imagine a community where everyone had an eye on future generations in their decision-making. Mrs. Fielding sets an example for us all.”

Find out more about Kivi Park – visit their website and Facebook page.

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