The Famous Photo Shoot…
Mary-Anne Secord Don Cherry

This isn’t the original photo Mary-Anne Secord had taken with Don Cherry as that one didn’t quite turn out…

We asked Mary-Anne Secord to share some more of her stories and she chose to tell about the day she first met Don Cherry at the Boston Gardens when she went to watch her son Alan Secord play.

Son Alan was just drafted by the Boston Bruins and I was on my way to that fascinating city to visit him! Second time I flew and was just as nervous as the first time which is kind of funny because my son’s second career is piloting for American Airlines (where I get free tickets by the way and deserve every one of them for all the hours I spent in cold outdoor and indoor rinks!)

I arrived at the Boston Garden in time to catch the Bruin’s morning practice and Don Cherry was the coach! At the NHL practices, the rinks are pretty well empty of people, mostly sports writers and the odd parent like me are sitting up in the stands. So there I was, first time in the Boston Gardens, first time to see my son skate with famous players and first time to watch the famous Don Cherry.

At the end of the practice, Don came over to the boards and hollered up to me, “Hey, are you a mother of one of these guys?” and I answered yes. “Do you have your camera with you?” he asked. I nodded and he told me to come down on the ice after the practice and he’dl have someone take a picture of me with the team. Of course I was thrilled and made my way down to the boards, Don helped me onto the ice and called the players over to have their photo taken with “Rocky’s” mother (that’s what Alan was nicknamed by the players). There I was, surrounded by such famous players, Brad Park, Wayne Cashman, Stan Jonathon (a native from Brantford, Ontario reserve and good friend) and Don Cherry himself.

Photo was taken, could hardly wait to have the film developed and finally the pics were ready! I opened the package, quickly skimmed through each one and there it was! The photo I was waiting for! But… though the faces of all the players and coach were clear as a bell, there was me with a big circle of white covering my face. Couldn’t tell who was behind that circle, something had gone wrong with the camera. After the disappointment, my family and I had a few good laughs over that ‘photo shoot’.

Mary-Anne Secord

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