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As winter descends and darkness comes earlier we tend to spend more time in bed. While humans don’t hibernate, although some of us may wish we did, people who live in cold and snowy places like Sudbury do actually get about 10 minutes more sleep a night than people who live in sunny and warmer climates and have a harder time getting out of bed in the morning.

If you’re spending more time in bed and still waking up tired then you have to find the reason for that and we can help!

Getting that extra sleep is a great thing as so many of us our sleep deprived but if you are tossing and turning instead of sleeping then your mattress may be the culprit.

How To Tell if You Need a New Mattress

You spend so much of your life in bed that the age of your mattress should really be calculated like a dog’s years – dogs age quicker than humans and so does your mattress. Researchers at the Better Sleep Council say that mattresses should be replaced every eight years – in dog years that makes your mattress 56 years old.

Does your mattress squeak and your box spring creak when you are moving around in bed? Whether sleeping or engaging in amorous activities these kind of noises actually cause to you to wake up numerous times during the night and they definitely break the mood

Do the mattress springs poke and prod you while you sleep? There was actually a story going around online that a woman was actually impaled by a mattress coil – it has since been determined to be a myth by Snopes and that, at most, people have only reported scrapes. Seriously though if you get scratched by your mattress isn’t it time fight back and replace it?

Can you take a dip in your mattress? If there is a noticeable saggy depression or two in your mattress that you tend to roll into overnight (worse if there are two of you rolling into the same depression) then you are not doing your spine any favours and a new mattress becomes crucial for your back’s health.

Sleep Experts Zedbed

No squeaks and sags on this comfortable Canadian made Zedbed! Make yourself comfortable during the long winter months with a new mattress and you’ll sleep better so you wake up rested.

Why not give the gift of better sleep this holiday season? Gift certificates are available and we are offering savings when you choose new pillows – when you purchase one we’ll give you 50% off the price of your second one.

All of us at Sleep Experts hope you have a safe, happy and restful holiday season.

Anne Conlon

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