Are You Interested in Volunteering at Kivi Park?
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Show your support for Kivi Park and come out for the Volunteer Meeting on December 12th.

Since its inception last summer Kivi Park has been busy. Trails have been made, a new ice surface for family skating has been constructed, trees have been planted and so much more. Though it looks like winter has settled in by no means is Kivi Park taking a break.

The sheer size of Kivi Park makes it a site that can host a variety of activities and events during all of Greater Sudbury’s seasons. Its location, just minutes from the Four Corners and the Highway 17 Bypass, makes the Park easily accessible to everyone in the community. As the largest park in Greater Sudbury a solid group of volunteers are needed not only to maintain existing infrastructure but to help organize, manage and maintain all future activities and events that at the Park.

So bring your ideas and your expertise to Kivi Park for a volunteer meeting. The meeting will take place at the rink house on Long Lake Road on Monday, December 12, 2016 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. – everyone is welcome.

Here are just a few of the plans proposed so far and if you have any of your own, not mentioned below, bring them with you to the volunteer meeting.

Kivi Park is looking for people who would like to be part of planning committees as well as volunteers who would like to help out with events in all of these areas below.

Sports Activities

Are you interested in organizing sports such as soccer, baseball and more at the Park?

Slacklining, which is similar to tightrope walking, is becoming a popular activity that Kivi Park would like to make available to the community. If you have experience with this your help would be appreciated.

Ice Rinks

Volunteers are needed this winter to help with clearing and flooding the outdoor hockey and skating rinks.

Kivi Park Trails

Volunteers are needed to help with grooming the cross-country ski trails and maintaining the snowshoe trails in winter and maintaining the hiking trails in summer.

Mountain bike trails will be built and volunteers are needed to help with the project.

Kivi Park would like to see a trail mapping and trail signage committee formed as well

Kivi Park Events

Who wouldn’t like to see a return of cross-country ski loppets that Inco once sponsored at Voima Hall? If you are interested, your help in organizing would be appreciated.

Kivi Park would also like to host both an annual Winter Carnival and Kivi Park Summer Party and needs people to help with organizing both.

Competitive Event Planning

Kivi Park would be the perfect place to hold competitive events not only at a community level but on a larger scale as well. Kivi Park could get involved with the 2021 Canada Summer Games if the City’s bid is successful. Volunteers are needed to organize events from cross country running to cross country ski racing that will bring athletes from across the province and Canada to Greater Sudbury.

Food Service

Kivi Park is looking for people to organize and manage food services at the Park on a regular basis and at events throughout the year.

Children’s Events

Kivi Park is hoping to install new playground structures for the kids as well as introducing programs such as weekly children’s playtime, tobogganing parties and more.

Arts at Kivi Park

Would you be interested in helping to set up an artists’ group or a photography group?

Kivi Park is also looking to form a committee to search for information on the A.Y. Jackson paintings that were stolen from Sudbury Secondary School in 1974.


Last but definitely not least, volunteers are needed to help form a fundraising committee that will concentrate on setting up individual and corporate giving programs as well as researching and applying for the variety of government and corporate grants that are available. Regular fundraising is necessary to implement all the programs and infrastructure that the Kivi Park community would like to build for our community today and in the future.

The success of Kivi Park becoming a world-class site with a myriad of activities for all ages and interests depends on having dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who all share in the goal of making Kivi Park a truly community endeavor. Kivi Park looks forward to meeting everyone who wants to get involved and volunteer their time!

For more information about Kivi Park visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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