We Asked Basco Collision Centre – What Happens If I’m In An Accident This Winter?
Basco Collision Centre Mike Morris

Mike Morris, Owner/Operator of Basco Collision Centre is shown in Basco’s fully-equipped, modern shop where all collision repairs are handled on site by one of Sudbury’s most experienced team of auto body repair technicians.

With winter’s storms and icy road conditions right around the corner, inevitably there will be hundreds of Northerners who will be finding themselves in collisions of varying degrees with their vehicles.

Winter is the busiest time of the year for area auto body repair shops and we decided to speak to Mike Morris, owner/operator of Basco Collision Centre and asked him to offer his advice and explain how the accident, insurance reporting and repair process unfolds when a collision occurs.

Basco Collision Centre is considered one of Greater Sudbury’s premier auto body repair shops. It offers a full range of repair services in its 10,000 sq. ft modern facility, from frame straightening, aluminum repair, air conditioning, computerized paint matching and underbody mechanical repairs to make sure your collision damage is expertly repaired to the highest of standards. With a staff of twelve professionals including a Class A Mechanic, interprovincial paint and body repair technicians who combined have over 200 years of experience working on all makes and models with the latest industry training and certifications. Basco Collision Centre is the preferred choice of repair shops for most of the major insurance companies.

Tell us what people should know when a collision occurs?

Mike: The most important thing is making sure that everyone is okay, and if there are any types of injuries, the paramedics and police should be called immediately. If towing is required or damages exceed $2000.00 the vehicle will need to go to the Greater Sudbury Police’s Collision Reporting Centre in Azilda, located at 239 Montée Principale Street.  For small fender-benders and no injuries, sometimes people decide to settle between themselves without involving the police or insurance companies.

At the Collision Reporting Centre, staff will review the damage, take statements from the involved parties and they will be asking questions such as what the weather and road conditions were like at the time of the accident and will ask for a detailed drawing of the accident. It is important to bring all documentation including ownership, driver’s licence and proof of insurance to the reporting centre. Once their investigation and review is completed, the reporting centre will provide the vehicle owner with an accident incident report, which will be required by the insurance company to process any insurance claims.

It is also very important to remember to exchange vehicle insurance information and ownership details with the other party in the collision, and it never hurts to get the names of any possible witnesses in the event of a dispute. Taking some photos of the accident site and damage to the vehicles, if it is safe to do so, is also helpful to the police and the insurance companies. A quick tip is to take snapshots of the other party’s insurance, ownership and even their driver’s licence.

When should a vehicle owner call their insurance company?

Mike: If the damage is minor, consider stopping by Basco Collision Centre for a free estimate to determine if it’s worthwhile to make a claim. I would advise that the insurance company be called immediately after a major collision or reported injury to get the insurance process started. They will assign a claim number and if necessary, arrange for towing of the damaged vehicle to the Collision Reporting Centre in Azilda and back to a collision centre of your choice.  If your policy includes a rental car, the insurance company can make arrangements for you until your car is assessed and repaired. The insurance company will also assign an adjuster to the insurance file and this person will be responsible for following the claim repair process to its conclusion.

How does the repair process unfold?

Mike: The adjuster will ask you if you have an auto body repair shop that you prefer. It is important to remember that as the vehicle owner you have the final say as to where your vehicle repair work is performed.

Basco Collision Centre is listed as a preferred, trusted shop by most insurance companies and they are very familiar with the high quality of our work. Once you choose your repair shop, the insurance company will either have the vehicle towed to the shop or if driveable, you can bring it yourself. Basco Collision Centre can also help arrange a rental vehicle if required.

In some cases, the insurance company sends out a local appraiser to inspect the damage and issue an estimate report to the insurance company depending on the extent of damage. The majority of the time Basco Collision Centre will take photos of the damage and then submit a repair estimate with the photos directly to the insurance company along with a timeline for completion. If the repair estimate is accepted and approved by the insurance company’s appraisal unit, then the required replacement parts are ordered and the repairs are usually started within a few days. We are in touch with the customer throughout the repair process to keep them updated on the progress and also the estimated completion date.

How does the settlement payment process work?

Mike: When the vehicle’s repairs are completed, and at Basco Collision Centre that always includes a complete detailing and cleaning, we contact the customer to arrange for them to pick up their vehicle. Keep in mind, when returning the rental the customer is required to top up the gas and the rental will be inspected by the rental agency before signing off the rental. The rental company will then shuttle the customer back to Basco Collision Centre. We will gladly assist with transportation if any delays occur.   

We do a complete inspection of repairs with the customer to ensure that they are satisfied. Then, the customer pays us their insurance deductible if required and signs the completed work order and insurance confirmation paperwork stating that the repairs were completed. The insured can now drive away in their clean, newly repaired vehicle. We then submit a final report to the insurance company’s adjuster including the authorization from the vehicle owner. The balance of the repair costs is paid to the shop by the insurance company.

At Basco Collision Centre we understand that accidents can be a very stressful and trying time for people. Our focus is to make the repair process simple and problem free to get our customers and their vehicle back safely on the road in a timely fashion by offering them exceptional service that they will hopefully tell their friends and family about.

Basco Collision Centre is located at 2129 Armstrong Street.

Phone – 705-522-4113 or visit their website.

Greater Sudbury Police Collision Reporting Centre: 705-675-9171 extension 2448.

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