Friday Flashback: Do you remember any of these 70s and 80s Sudbury TV ads?

Sudbury Downs (1988)

The nostalgia is very real.

Science North (1988)

The glasses! The 3D glasses! What a throwback.

Science North (1986)

Listen to the apparent Kermit the Frog cameo in the first 00:01 of the video… ergee!

McDonald’s… Regent Street? Notre Dame? Kingsway? (1984)

I remember the old, dark McDonald’s of days gone by. I think I still may have one of those calendars kicking around, too.

Cambrian Ford (1988)

Look at the cars!

Alexander’s Auto Mart (1973)

These dudes look like they can party. Cool old Dodge Charger with sound effects from a Pinto dubbed in.

CHNO Ultimate Street Machine (1988)

This is it. We have reached peak 80s. It is oozing.

Palladino Motors (1975)

The Beach Boys and pre-re-greening Sudbury go nicely together. Who knew? What a cute little Civic!

Eaton’s (1975)

“Completes a look that’s totally…today.” Check out the lingo. This is amazing.

CNHO Radio (1987)

OK we may have been wrong about reaching peak 80s earlier. Sudbury in the summer never looked so good!

Greater Sudbury has a road network of more than 3,500 km lanes.
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