This Bear’s Just Slip Slidin’ Away

Niko Ovaska took this great clip through the screen door in the back yard of his home in Lively. The bear had taken a liking to napping among the branches of their fir tree in their backyard during the summer.

Conveniently, the fir tree is next to a large, old crab apple tree. Niko said the treehouse’s slide turned out to be a convenient way for the bear to descend after filling up on crab apples. Niko saw him sliding twice and managed to get it on his cellphone.

Though Niko and his family have learned to scan their yard every time they leave the house or exit their car, the bear hasn’t been around in a while. We’ll have to wait and see if he comes back next summer.

The first car arrived in Rayside–Balfour in 1911.

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