Coming Soon to GNO: Hook, Line and Sinker


Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (GNO) is proud to welcome artist Sasha Phipps for a creative new exhibition project called Hook, Line, and Sinker (Se faire avoir comme un bleu) on October 7 to November 5, 2016. The exhibition is proudly sponsored by Donald P. Kuyek – Barrister and Soliciter.

GNO Hook Line and Sinker fish shaped candy

La boucanerie (intervention publique), 5e Foire d’art alternatif de Sudbury, 2016.

Those who visited FAAS 5 in May 2016 will surely remember Sasha’s installation. For the occasion, he had created a sort of smokehouse where he would “smoke” life-sized, fish-shaped candy.

GNO Hook Line and Sinker

La boucanerie (intervention publique), 5e Foire d’art alternatif de Sudbury, 2016.

Through his installation work, Sasha Phipps explores and reinterprets what he calls “vernacular” aspects of culture. Inspired by the landscape around Ramsey Lake, Hook, Line, and Sinker is especially interested in those who cast their fishing lines along the shore.

A giant hook is embedded in one of the gallery’s walls, evoking the manner in which a fishing line sometimes snags the bottom of the lake instead of its intended prey. Something tugs at a floating bobber in an old stainless steel sink, like fish nibbling on bait before getting away. Finally, the exhibition is partly hidden behind original camouflage patterns designed by the artist with photos taken of the local landscape.

GNO Hook Line and Sinker camouflage

Example of a Sudbury-specific, original camouflage pattern-2016 used by the artist in the exhibit.

Sasha Phipps will be creating on site October 1 to 7, 2016 with the Exhibition following from October 7 to November 5th. An opening reception will be held on Friday, October 7th at 5 p.m. at GNO. Admission is free.

Sasha Phipps is an Ottawa-based French-Canadian artist working in video, installation, painting, and public art interventions. He received a college diploma in 3D animation at La Cité collégiale in spring 2006 and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa in the spring of 2010. He maintains an artistic practice in the City of Ottawa and works as the photography and media arts technician for the visual arts department at the University of Ottawa.

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