Local Express Helps Charities with Gift-Giving Program
Local Express Insurance Gift-Giving Program

Tanya Lovsin, Local Express Group Division Manager (right) is shown reviewing Local Express’ “industry-first,” innovative charitable Gift Giving Program with a client.

Canadians are known around the world for their generosity and kindness towards helping others. A perfect example of this giving attitude is the impressive extent to how our caring citizens financially support charities and non-profit enterprises. In fact, we are among the highest ranked charitable giving nations in the world with $12.8 billion dollars given annually by 24.05 millions Canadians through a wide variety of self-directed donations*.

Every financial donor to a charity or non-profit group has their own favourite causes that they support ranging from social service charities to health care, education, the environment and arts and culture organizations. Thanks to a new concept created by an innovative insurance brokerage firm, Local Express Group Home & Auto Insurance, consumers now have a revolutionary new way of directing donations to charities and non-profit organizations of their choice through Local Express’ “Gift Giving” Program when they purchase insurance coverage through their growing network of brokers who will make a donation to the registered charity of the client’s choice.

The concept of Local Express’ Gift-Giving Program is the initiative of Sudbury-based Local Express Insurance’s CEO Rod LaRocque, an insurance industry executive who has over 30 years of insurance brokerage experience. This in addition to his tireless commitment to actively supporting numerous non-profit organizations including The Human League Association, The Breakfast Club for Kids and the PLAY program, which is a non-profit program that promotes positive leisure activities for youth.

LaRocque believes in giving back to the community and he felt that bringing his two passions, charitable organizations and the insurance business together was a win-win for everyone involved. Local Express’ Gift Giving-Program (launched in the Spring of 2016) is already earning the support of many professionals in the insurance business who recognize the incredible benefits of the industry proactively working together with their clients to help the non-profit sector with this industry-first charitable donation program.

Here is how the Gift-Giving Program works:

When a new client purchases insurance for their home, cottage or automobiles, Local Express will ask the client which charitable organization they would like Local Express to make a donation to. Local Express has an extensive database containing over 80,000 registered charities recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency and clients can personally select and direct their donation to any one of them. All client directed donations are held in a guaranteed, trust account by The Bank of Montreal, and at the end of Local Express’ fiscal year (February 28th) donation cheques are issued to each of the charities or non-profit organizations that clients have identified as recipients of their choice for donations.

Local Express’ Gift-Giving Program for clients and charities is supported by one of North America’s largest insurance companies, Travelers Insurance and the program has recently been rolled out through a provincial wide network of independent insurance brokers who are now offering this unique program to thousands of their clients across Ontario.

Through their Gift-Giving Program, Local Express Insurance and their network of independent brokers are hoping to change the way that people look at purchasing insurance premiums by providing added value and helping others, while also showing how the insurance industry can collectively work together to direct some of the revenue towards supporting worthwhile causes and helping those in need, making our communities and our country even stronger together.

For further information on Local Express Group Home & Auto Insurance’s “Gift Giving Program” please call 1-844-878-6466 or visit Local Express.

*Statistics Canada, 2013.

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