Peter Schneider Concert Series: Les Frérots Rochers July 24th

Les Frerots RochersAlways willing and full of energy, Les Frérots Rochers (pronounced LAY FUR-AIR-O RO-SHAY) is a bilingual rock band created in Sudbury, Ontario. The group is the result of a series of fortunate events, namely the reunion of brothers Vincent and Phil Paiement, the arrival of brothers Hichem and Fateh Anabi, and the collaboration of their mentor Donald Thibert. Originally from Algeria, the Anabi brothers quickly caught the attention of their Canadian colleagues through their talent and passion for music. Donald Thibert, formerly of rock band People At Zero, united the group by enlisting their help to deliver original compositions in French and English.

To anyone who sees a live Les Frérots Rochers concert, the relevance of the band is strikingly obvious. The spirit of the unlikely group livens an atmosphere that unites people of all ages, all cultures and all faiths under one banner: music, and the inherent joy it brings along with it.

For more information about Les Frérots Rochers visit their website or Facebook page.

Concert starts at 7 p.m. on July 24, 2016– William Bell Gazebo

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