How Do You Measure Up to the Average Canadian’s Eating Habits?

We love Italian! Canada’s favourite comfort foods is lasagna and 42% of us like Italian food in general. Our favourite meal to eat when having a family dinner is some sort of pasta.

Ricardo Larrivée is a chef in Quebec and has developed his brand to include lifestyle and cooking shows as well as Ricardo magazine. He commissioned Leger Marketing to conduct a poll on Canadians eating habits and here are a few of the results. For more info on the survey you can visit

60% of Canadians go out for dinner at least once per week, while 51% of us prefer take out.

72% of us eat breakfast every morning.

65% of us decide what’s for dinner between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.. We spend about 38 minutes cooking dinner during the week and spend an extra 7 minutes cooking on the weekend. For the average family dinner starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 6:28 p.m..

When it comes to treats, 19% of us choose chocolate, 7% cake, 7% ice-cream, 6% chips. 41% of the men who responded to the survey said they don’t feel one bit guilty when eating chocolate or potato chips – so there!

Basket of vegetables

27% of us grow our own vegetables.

While most of us want to eat healthy only 10% of us reach the goal.

17% of us have banished alcohol from our diets.

In every province potatoes are the preferred vegetable however in Ontario broccoli is our second favourite followed by corn, carrots and mushrooms.

pb&j and carrot sticks

67% of people who like to eat healthy bring their lunch to work every day. 18% of us never bring a lunch and of those people 48% go out to lunch at least once per week.

70% of us watch television while we eat while 50% us are online.

As families most of us eat together five days a week on average.

We spend, on average $167 a week on groceries with 83% of us following a list.

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