Do You Go Camping or Glamping?

As northerners camping is just part of our everyday, or at least every weekend, lifestyle in the summer and winter too. We gather our tents, sleeping bags, Colemen stoves, fishing rods, boats, kayaks and canoes and pack up the vehicle and off we go to experience nature close up. With over 300 lakes to choose from within the city of Sudbury alone no wonder it is a big part of the lifestyle.

Some people may call this camping roughing it. You are exposed to the elements and the only thing to protect you from those elements is a warm fire and the only thing protecting you from wild animals is a small nylon tent!

So what if you love nature but don’t want to pitch a tent, roll out sleeping bags or build a fire? Well there is an alternative and it’s called “glamping”. Glamping is glamorous camping and combines the best of both worlds. Outdoor activities such as wildlife viewing, hiking, paddling, and cycling can go hand in hand with the luxury of a comfortable bed, a roof and in some cases, full course meals.

glamping tent

Spend the weekend “glamping” at a Provincial Park.

Glamping can be traveling in an airstream or motor home or a home on a lake which some call a cottage but we like to refer to it as a camp here in the north. This type of camping is not unusual for us here but glamping is something new. It has only been the last five years where private land owners and some Ontario Parks are catering to glampers, offering roofed accommodations like cabins and yurts. In northern Ontario there are a few glamping accommodations available at Pancake Lake, Killarney and Windy Lake Provincial Parks.

For Ontario Provincial Parks information on glamping click here.

glamping site

WildExodus Travel in the Timmins area offers a truly luxurious glamping experience.

Other places around the north that offer glamping include:

Wild Exodus Adventure Travels in Timmins offers complete vacation packages that include locally produced meals using the freshest ingredients, high quality accommodations, and unique outdoor adventures.

Bartlett Lodge “Tent and Breakfast”, Algonquin Park

Misabi Adventure Company, Temagami

Nature’s Harmony, Mattawa

Northern Edge Algonquin, South River

Spirit Island Adventures, Manitoulin Island

So whether you like to rough it with the basic camping staples or you don’t want to sacrifice luxury to be one with nature there is no excuse for getting out there and enjoying that fresh northern air.

Joe Stacknik

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