Darryl Ryan: A Family Ford Tradition
1938 Ford Coupe

Darryl Ryan’s 1938 Ford Coupe is back in the family after his father first rebuilt it almost 40 years ago.

My Dad bought the car and brought it home and then began a complete frame-restoration which included installing a 327 Chevy engine hooked to a Turbo 350 automatic transmission, a 9 inch Ford rear end and a custom stainless exhaust.

38 ford 8He also modernized all of the suspension, steering and brakes along with the electrical and the gold velour interior which he fitted and sewed himself. He had all of the chrome replaced or re-plated and then had the car sprayed a beautiful deep red that was clear coated to perfection.

38ford 4This model of car did not originally have a back seat so my Dad custom fabricated one out of an old truck seat so that he could take my Mom and us three kids out for the occasional cruise which was a thrill for everyone.

38 ford 3My Dad sold the car in the mid-eighties and moved onto another of his builds, and over the decades the car passed through a series of different owners across the province. Eventually if found its way back to Sudbury where it was first created and I purchased the ’38 from a local owner back in 2015 a few years after my Dad passed away.

38 ford 7The motor had been changed to a 350 Chevy and some more modern upgrades were completed but most of the car remains in the same spectacular condition as my Dad originally built it.  Ever since he first built the car nearly 40 years ago, it has been a very strong and reliable runner and it is a car that continues to turn heads any time it is driven or shown at local car gatherings.

38 ford 6I have to admit that it is pretty cool to have one of my Dad’s early hot rods back in the family to keep his memory alive every time I hop in the ’38 and take a spin down memory lane.

38 Ford 9

38 ford 2

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