7 Reasons The Royal Couple Should Definitely Visit Sudbury

It was announced this morning that The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge would be paying Canada a second visit in September of this year. Their itinerary includes visits to Yukon and British Columbia; which caught us off guard to say the least. Regrettably they will not be visiting Sudbury anytime soon. We think we can change that. We’ve compiled a list – or rather an itinerary of our own – which may just inspire the Royal Couple to make a stopover at YSB (their plane will likely travel right over us, anyway).

Here’s some of the things Will & Kate need to experience if they really want a taste of Sudbury:

1: We have Dump Bears


The title speaks for itself. While they’ve probably been to the Sahara desert and have had lions climb on their Land Rover’s roof… have they ever experienced a true Black Bear pig out on a municipal buffet? (It’s worth the trip to the dump for this one!)


2: We have an almost-perfect 100-metre stretch of asphalt on Regent Street right now


This is on the list for every Sudburian to try at least once. It’s the smoothest 5 seconds of our morning commute and we cherish it greatly. Will & Kate would love it (and it won’t wake their kids in the back seat)

3: We have a stuffed wolf that hangs around the rafters of the arena

Photo Credit: chlexperiences.wordpress.com

Photo Credit: chlexperiences.wordpress.com

It stares into your soul as it shakes its way across the thin wire overhead when the home team scores (which isn’t super often lately). This wolf is pure Sudbury in Canis Lupus form. A must see.

4: We drink our pints in the garage sometimes

Photo credit: roach

Photo credit: theroachhotel.com

Frig yeah. Jim’s on his way back from The Beer Store as we speak. I plugged in the fridge on my lunch break so she’ll be good to go by the time we get there. Make sure you get a case of British beer, though. Newcastle? The garage is a no tea zone by the way.

5: We have escalators

Photo credit: rainbowcentresudbury.com

Photo credit: rainbowcentresudbury.com

It’s a little known fact that Sudbury has 3 sets of escalators. Which is an amazing feat because the state of Wyoming only has 2. So take that, Wyoming! Will & Kate will have a blast – considering the first escalator was used at London’s Harrods Department Store where Queens and Kings shopped for decades… right?

6: We’re pretty sure you can see our Bell Park sign from Outer Space


Uhhh… we put this on the list because it’s something new… and we should all be proud of it. Surely the Royal Couple will appreciate this marvel of municipal media magnificence.

7: We can teach true patience in the form of picking Blueberries (which is a good way to earn a few bucks too)


If the bears don’t get to them first, that is. They say it takes patience to be a parent. Well, here’s the best way to learn patience.  The market is hot right now, too: A litre basket will run you about £7. Not bad for a day’s work!


Editor’s note: We’re extremely happy that the Royal Couple are visiting our awesome country. We hope their tour is filled with great joy & maple syrup.

The "SO" in the call letters for CKSO stands for Sudbury, Ontario.
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