Some of Our Favourite Places in Greater Sudbury
Onaping Falls

Onaping Falls’ nature trails are a popular spot to hike.

I asked my friends on Facebook to tell me what or where is there favourite spot or place to be in the summer time in the Greater City of Sudbury. This could be anywhere from where you go camping for a weekend to where you like to have your favourite beer with your friends.

One of my favourite spots is Moonlight Beach. I grew up in the area around Moonlight so it holds many fond memories for me. We even made a trail from our neighbourhood that took us right to the beach. The trail included going through a train underpass with a little running stream going through it. Mind you heading back down the trail to go back home was a chore because by the time we got home we were hot and sweaty and wanted to go back.

Today I take my dog for walks along the trails that take you to Camp Sudaca and beyond. Actually if you walk or bike the whole trail it will take you all the way out to the south end of the city to the Lake Laurentian Conservation Trails. It is a beautiful peaceful walk with a couple of spots along the way where you can take in some awesome views of Lake Ramsey.

Onaping Falls

Onaping Falls is a great place to visit in all seasons.

My friend Louise says one of her favourite places is Onaping Falls Nature Trails. Most people who live in Sudbury have gone to the nature trails at least once in their life or at least passed them while travelling down Highway 144. The views are spectacular, especially in the fall, says Louise. The trails are easy to navigate with some breath taking spots to take in the amazing views of the falls.

My friend Susan prefers Bell Park/Boardwalk and also the Rotary Trail by Adanac Skihill with her dog. “There are a lot of critters on the path throughout the bush area – very peaceful and relaxing. Plus my dog loves the squirrels/chipmunks/pigeons etc. to lunge after almost dislocating my arm in the process.

Rotary Park trail map

Susan and her dog love taking regular walks on the Rotary Park Trail.

Rotary Park Trails, is a popular section of the Junction Creek Waterway Park, runs between Mountain Street to Adanac Ski Hill on Beatrice Crescent.

Gwen says Nepahwin Lake and Bell Park near where Sudbury Boat and Canoe used to be which is now the home of Sudbury Rowing Club are her favourite places. It is the start of the boardwalk trail and runs right through Bell Park Beach.

My friend Bob is a real fan of Northern Lights Festival Boreal which is our city’s annual folk festival. Since 1972 the festival has been held at Bell Park and usually runs through the second weekend of July. It features musical guests and folk artists selling there works. Bob says the festival just has a laid back feel and it always helps to have the water near by.

Joe Stacknik

In 1935, the Stanley Stadium in Copper Cliff had the first artificial ice service.

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