Did You Know? We’ve had over 200 Sasquatch Sightings
Map of Sasquatch sightings in Ontario

Here’s where most of the sightings are taking place within the Sudbury District. Map courtesy of ontariosasquatch.com.


When exploring the wildlife around Greater Sudbury this year, most people know to keep an eye and ear out for bears. Travelling in larger groups and making plenty of noise are just a few of the tips the Ontario Government lists on their bear wise fact sheet . However, there is another creature that you should be on the lookout for: Sasquatch.

With its heavily wooded areas, the Greater Sudbury district is a prime location for Sasquatch sightings.

Although British Columbia is often hailed as the province where Sasquatch creatures are most spotted, Ontario has the second-highest amount of sightings out of the provinces.

According to Ontario Sasquatch/Ontario Wildlife Field Research, an organization with 557 members and investigators based in Hanmer, summer is the season for the highest amount of Sasquatch sightings.

“Sasquatch move to where the food is,” says Peter, the site administrator, specifically mentioning an interest in crops and berries. Although there are sightings all across the area, Peter notes that the area north of Hanmer and Capreol is particularly active at present.”

The earliest Sasquatch sighting recorded in Northeastern Ontario took place in Cobalt in 1906. The creature was referred to as “Old Yellow Top” due to its light coloured hair.

Although Ontario Sasquatch’s database only goes back as far as the 1980s, they have documented over 220 sightings in Ontario, since then.

Sasquatch print

A cast made from a Sasquatch’s foot.

Common physical features with sightings are enormous size and the width of the shoulders ,and of course, their huge footprints, Peter said. If you happen to have a Sasquatch sighting this summer, Peter advises not to panic, to attempt photographic evidence, as well as to contact him at ontsasquatch@gmail.com.

The Ontario Sasquatch/Ontario Wildlife Field Research Organization fully abide by strict confidentiality and treat reports with respect.

“Sasquatch is not a subject that is openly discussed, due to the ridicule factor that still persists,” Peter says, “Some of our members are biologists, police officers, MNR officers, and a university professor, who know that admitting a belief in Sasquatch will not help their careers, unlike western North America where Sasquatch is not only openly discussed, but is a protected species”.

Drawing of a Sasquatch face

A drawing of a Sasquatch that was made after an encounter.

Here is an account of a member’s sighting accompanied with a drawing of the Sasquatch she had saw.

Report 203-62

When I was 10 years old, I was on the low side of a berm, picking raspberries from a bush on top of the berm. The raspberry canes parted, and a face came peering through from the other side. The shoulders were huge and learning forward in a crouching position. Both hands came out through the raspberries and were reaching forward slightly to push aside the canes. The face had a quizzical look as it saw me. It had a sloping high forehead with a slight over brow. The shock of what I was seeing, caused a memory lapse then, and I only remembered running home watching my running shoes, thinking over and over “Don’t fall. Don’t fall”.  My memory is as vivid as the day it happened. I was raised around seeing bush prospectors, as mining was so active in my home town. I had never seen a homeless person at the time this occurred. I had seen many black bears and moose. Nothing explained what I had witnessed. I don’t know exactly when I first knew about Bigfoot but it was many years after that, I am sure. At the time when I finally ran home I was still trying to understand what I had seen. Even now it seems strange that I didn’t tell my Mother what had happened. She would have believed me. I loved the ability to explore the bush and I feel comfortable to this day spending time exploring wooded areas. Maybe telling her would limit this? I did try to convince myself for a few days that I had seen a bear but that was never true. I don’t ever feel afraid of wildlife.  I still feel the connection as if a friendly giant appeared in my life. I was 10 years old at the time and today in my 64th year it is as vivid a memory as life today. How strange to feel that I was “blessed” with this encounter. I have no reservations about speaking of their existence.

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