Dusty Boots For Adult Root Beer Lovers
Dusty Boots Hard Root Beer

Dusty Boots is Canada’s first Hard Root Beer.

We tried this over the weekend and it was dangerously good. Dusty Boots Hard Root Beer is billed by Iconic Brewing Co. of Oakville, Ontario as Canada’s first hard root beer. It tastes exactly like old fashioned root beer although not as carbonated and you really can’t taste the alcohol in it so beware it contains 5.9% alc./vol.. It has a malted barley base and is infused with hops and natural flavours and did we say it tastes great?

Currently it can only be purchased at the LCBO and it’s $14.95 for a six-pack of bottles.

Tip: It tastes best ice cold so either throw a couple bottles in the freezer for a while, freeze a mug before you pour or add lots of ice. If you choose the ice method, you have to drink it fast if it’s hot out before it gets too diluted – which isn’t really a bad thing because it’s very refreshing.

Watch Dusty Boots’ new promo with comedian Gerry Dee.

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